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A Comprehensive Analysis Of The SAT: Advice For Students To Study Like A Pro


Numerous standardized tests check the ability of a student’s proficiency in certain subjects. Among them, the hardest or, say, the most complex standardized test is the Scholars Aptitude Test or SAT. Although complicated, its result ensures your place in merit-based scholarships alongside various facilities. SAT’s preparation time and question format are lengthy compared to other standardized tests. SAT preparation can be taken at a coaching center or home. According to the search engine result of “private tutoring near me,” various tutors are available. It is essential to understand the SAT and its benefits and drawbacks, as formatting each point in detail.

Sometimes, it is challenging to complete a four-hour test that consists of tricky math questions and complex reading passages without understanding the whole meaning.

Is SAT Hard?

Clearing SAT is a bit complex, but not so much that one will fail in it. Whether SAT is accessible depends on the student’s learning style and the teaching of a tutor. Most of the mathematical topics will be what was covered in middle and high school. There will be some additional new math topics that will be introduced at the university. Even the common issues will be slightly different than what was covered in high school.

What Factors Make the SAT Hard?

Time Management: To be exact, there are four reasons why students might find SAT difficult. However, if they are shown the proper guidelines, it will be easier to top the exam. Moving on, SAT exam time is exactly four hours. The examiners will be strict on this, as one will not even get a minute extra to complete the test. The question’s length will be longer, and it might create panic among the students to meet the answer in a hurry. As a result, the students will make more mistakes than usual.

2. Mathematical Concepts: The most challenging section of SAT is the mathematical concepts. All the math steps and formulas have done back in high school will be challenging to get used to once again. The students face problems, especially in functions, algebra, data analysis, etc. Students need to practice a lot more without a calculator as mathematical analysis is given more importance without a calculator.

3. Reading Passages: The reading passages are long and come with unknown vocabulary. In the multiple-choice questions, choosing the correct answer gets a lot more tricky.

4. Anxiety: Something happened to all of us, even during the final exam of grade 2. It is normal to get anxious regarding something which may not occur in the exam hall. The best practice is to keep oneself calm and confident of avoiding silly errors.

How To Make SAT Preparation Easier:

1. Focus on the chapters you know first, and then you can move on to the other branches. When you have done practicing topics, you understand the time and stress reduction to any extent.

2. Create a perfect study schedule so that you can take help from the tutor, eat, get some rest, and practice by yourself at the same time.

3. Review the previous practice tests and real test solutions with the examiner’s comments. This will be easier for you to avoid any silly mistakes.

4. Try to increase your reading speed and practice as many math problems as possible. Learn new vocabulary and understand what the sentences mean.


SAT is not valuable nectar which is challenging to accomplish. All you need will be some motivation, tutor and peer help, and confidence in yourself to master something useful for the future.


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