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Best Addiction Recovery Colleges And Universities


If an adult man is addicted to drugs or addiction then it becomes difficult and a long time process to get that adult person to be clean from it. Imagine the plight or state of the students or teenagers in their early years then. The moment they get under the influence of drugs, it becomes extremely difficult for their family to control or understand their needs.

The fact is addiction recovery is a long time process for college kids and has a higher for relapse if they end up exploring college life. The College campus is such a place where your children will be bound to meet new people, visit new places, and gain new experiences.

Drug rehabilitation needs to be performed in a controlled and safe place. However, college is a place where there can be uncontrollable situations as well as environments. The negative influence will keep getting more uncontrollable. This is why educational institutions must take a step to help these children outside the home.

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The Best Colleges And Universities With Addiction Recovery Programs:

Most of the colleges and universities in the United States have opened addiction recovery programs and sober houses to help students cope with their struggles with substance. They have initiated 12 step program for mental illness so that they can provide support for the students who are suffering from anxiety and depression as a result of substance abuse. Some of the well-known colleges with addiction recovery programs are listed in the following:

Augsburg University:

Augsburg University is the largest and oldest community in the United States who are actively helping students inside and outside campus help fight addiction. They have established StepUp program where they provide professional help, support, and counseling to students battling with addiction. Their program also helps students suffering from other mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, personality disorder, academic coping, etc. They conduct weekly sessions, and workshops and partner with faculty members to get in touch with as much students as possible.

University of Winsconsin-Madison:

This university has opened up its own recovery program called Live Free where the university students themselves support and help other students fight mental illness alongside addiction. They conduct monthly sober events and weekly counseling to understand and build strategies for the recovery program of the students. They have workshops and resources to help maintain a sober campus with strict rules against addiction.

University Of North Carolina:

Located at Chapel Hills, North Carolina they have established many well-known programs such as the Alcohol Prevention and Carolina Recovery Program that helps students even when they are in their recovery period. Their recovery mentor establishes a healthy and mutual relationship with the students which in turn encourages and motivates the students to do something better in life. This also helps the students utilize their talents and resources properly.


As mentioned before addiction recovery is a long-term process and needs help from both the inside and outside. If colleges and universities take one step in getting their students out of mental illness and addiction, then gradually addiction can be wiped off a nation.


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