Tips on How to Write One Paragraph Essay

When it is time for students to write their simple paragraph essay it is always too dramatic.

Sometimes students are more calm about writing 5 paragraph essay. It is because of the small space for thoughts that students are afraid of. But the structure, in this case, is the only difference between these two types of essays.

You can find some examples online to analyze the structure and its main features. You will also see that the main trick and method of how you should write one paragraph essay is very common.

So, to deal with the structure of this type of articles you have our few special tips and advice.

Advice on How to Write a Good Paragraph Essay


Start with an outline

It can sound too simple, but lots of writers just ignore this point while writing their essays. But every good guide on how to write a good paragraph essay will advise you to start with the outline first. It will help you to stay on your point all the way while writing.

It should be very simple and clear for you to follow it. It should be completed before you start working on your essay. To make it easier to write and surf the information in your outline you can divide it into three subheads that show your essay paragraph structure.

  • Introduction with your thesis statement
  • Body paragraph
  • Conclusion

Thesis statement

Your thesis statement should be included in your introduction part. To make it useful, you should show there all your main points and arguments.
Body with the argument

So, here is the time for your main paragraph. To make is more effective and interesting you should present your main argument first. This trick will give you the opportunity to explore the whole picture of you paper correctly.


The conclusion comes when all your arguments and point are shown in the body paragraph. In this part, you should make a restatement of your arguments.

Try to focus on the most important ones to make your conclusion brief and striking. Also, you can repeat few statements right from the body part. You should try to prove your point here, but not to introduce any new points.


It is good for you to have some rest just after you wrote your final draft. You can go for a walk, do something not related to your writing, or just go to bed. Just try to forget and distance yourself from writing.

It will give you new fresh view on the paper and its mistakes when you take it later. Proofreading will be more useful in this case. Here you can write and do changes until you are satisfied. If you have five or even more drafts, it is normal.