Finding Good Persuasive Essay Topics and Writing a Solid Introduction How-to

How to write good essays is the question that deprives generations of students of sleep, appetite and common sense. Everyone on the campus strives to turn in good college essays in a jiffy, find out the magical source of good transition words for essays and generally learn how to deliver stunning papers written in an evening or two.

Dwelling upon good college essay topics is also a smart idea for a student who wants to spend as less time writing as possible. But it’s not so cut and dry. If you’re really determined to learn how to write a good college essay that hits the jackpot, you have to be ready to play dirty. Are you OK with that? Continue reading, if yes.

Good essay topics don’t grow on trees

Smooth, you’ve made the right decision reading on. Anyhow, good college essay starts with a gorgeous topic. If an essay were a body, topic would be the heart. And as any heart, it has to be healthy. In other words, good argumentative essay topics and persuasive subject themes don’t show up out of blue. Fetching a bullet-proof and engaging topic might take hours of contemplating and making the right decision.

Plus, it’s important that your topic is backed up by plenty of referential sources on the web. Choosing between a topic you super like but which has little background info available and a topic you like slightly less but which has tons of sources to consult online, a smart student opts for the last variant, and a dumb keeps hitting the concrete wall of can’t-find-any-coherent-reference-source.

How to develop good college essays fast

Moving on? Let’s assume you’ve already found a bunch of good persuasive essay topics and decided on your winner. What’s next? The issue of how to write a good essay introduction steps out of the shade. The fun fact is, if the audience isn’t hooked by your introductory passages, they’ll never duly appraise your work.

Thus, introduction is a tricky business. The very first sentence in your opening paragraph has to be engaging from the start. How to write a good essay is all about getting the audience like your work. So, the good ways to start an essay are: 1) thinking of an irresistible headline, 2) crafting a hammer-like thesis statement, 3) telling a story, 4) telling a joke, 5) providing a relevant piece of information that triggers the whole story, 6) cutting to the chase and hoping a lecturer will like it.

Depending on whether your essay is persuasive, argumentative, expository or any other, a stunning introduction is the key to opening reader’s mind and heart. Thinking about how to start a good essay and make it flow into the body paragraph with your main ideas and arguments, consider your audience first. Appeal to the reader, compliment her knowledge and stress out her level of expertise, or cite her favorite book, and the victory is in your pocket. For more details, consult good essay examples found on the web. They’re free-to-get and usually contain loads of writing wisdom from students who’ve already been in your shoes.